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Wyomings Lost Cabin mine

July 25, 1998 at 10:10:46

For those of you that have searched for the Lost Cabin Mine of Wyoming, I found there were these published clues to this famous lost mine over the years. (1) Herlbert (the cook on the famous venture) wondered around and was allegedly found on the eastern side of the Big Horn Mountains near death after the indians killed everyone else. (2) something very mysterious happened when Herlbert was brought back to South Pass City. Hundreds of prospectors searched every inch of the Wind River area--Why? (3)Jim Bridger found this placer field allegedly someone in the Big Horn Mountains and he was asked to not say where he found this gold by a padre. (4)From Herlberts point of view, the placer was located equal distance from Laramie and South Pass City and that they chose to do business with South Pass City. It is said that this placer was worked by the French first and the Americans second. And there is a hint that this area also has quartz gold too. Where do you think all of these clues to the Lost Cabin Mine really come together??? I solved the enigma many years ago and found this area to be private land. I wasn't a gold miner and I didn't know how to deal legally with the land owners. If any professional gold miners are interested in this find I'd like to hear from you. This may just be the largest Placer field left in the United States today.

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