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Re: I went to an all boys Catholic High School....

August 24, 1999 at 00:31:33
In Reply to: I went to an all boys Catholic High School....
posted by Greg Lousignont, PhD on August 23, 1999 at 10:28:42

Loved your story, Doc! Reminds me of the one about the young guy who went to his priest and confessed that he had been horribly tempted. That a beautiful girl threw herself at him, "...but I didn't give in Father, I resisted....I did the right thing....right????" "Oh yes, my son, great is your reward in Heaven" Next week the same thing, "Father, it happened again! This stunning women begged me to take her home....but I didn't!" The Priest replied, "Great is your reward in Heaven, child". The next week, one more time the young man was tempted to the extreme and the priest gave the same reply. The young man exclaimed, "Tell me Father, what WILL my reward be anyway?" The priest sqinted at him and with a hint of a smile said: "A bale of hay, you horses ass!!!!" Oh well, you had to have been there. Anyways, I relate Doc. Hope your surgery is healing quickly.

Ken, I had the same ear problem you did, so that may have been the reason Bunny turned her nose up at us. However, did you ever gargle before asking her out? I mean 3 helpings of Tapir on the breath would be hard for even a mastiff to take! Notice that Chris' wife is making him and Steve now go 150 miles away from Kal to prospect since they started eating Steve's Roo Stew? Regards, RC

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