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Re: nugget

August 26, 1999 at 21:26:12
In Reply to: Re: nugget
posted by RockChuk on August 26, 1999 at 00:49:40

Hi RockChuck We got dredging permits in our Placer area on our claims after several years of arguing science vs conception. We won I think. There is a permitted use of "Bed Rock Snipping" But you have to apply for a specific area with pictures and arrows proving that there is only barren rock etc. or you can get a dredge permit but you must discharge into a settling pond. The beauracracy was astounding. The Federal fisheries supported instream works as long as all gravels returned to the stream bed. The Provincial fisheries support instream works as long as all tailings are deposited on the benches. Direct contradiction but that is what we must work to. Our river is a long term industrial river, mining and logging for 125 years and a waterfall that stops the salmon 6 miles below us. So the answer to your question "can you dredge in BC?" the answer is "kind of". The Feds have been agressivley obnoxious in the Caribou area of BC, But we have formed the Placer Miners of Canada and the president, Al Taylor from that area is having some good luck getting their masters to yank them into line. The future looks promising. Bruce Chaytor, President Vancouver Island Placer Miners Association

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