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hanging it up for now

August 30, 1999 at 16:04:22

Well, guys it's been an interesting season, now it's time to hang up the dredging until next year. It's cold and wet and the river has ran like mud for several days now. The salmon are coming in and there are biting nasty things in the water. I got my shorts full of them and they left welts. I've been butting my head against huge boulders and only split a couple thousand ponders and now I get headachs! Such is the life but looking back is worse than looking foreward. Having the river tear my dredge apart was a nightmare, the forum being kind enough to help replace it was the bright spot in my entire life, riding a dredge down several rapids was enlightening, loosing my equipment to theft was maddening, finding an ounce in 12 hours was great, having my head almost squashed by a thousand pound boulder was frightening, finding nice flake & nugget gold around the big boulders but unable to get under them was tantalizing, scaring a bear away from my gas cans and dredge was breathtaking, getting my shorts full of nasty biting worms of some kind was excruciating, and pulling my dredge out for the winter was exausting. Now that I've run the gauntlet of emotions, I think I go lay down on Doc's couch. Will I be back next year? Exciting! Anticipating! Planning! Remembering! Lying!!!!

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