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Re: Salt lakes and nuggets

September 02, 1999 at 17:34:47
In Reply to: Re: Salt lakes and nuggets
posted by Clark W Illinois on September 02, 1999 at 15:11:33

Howdy Clark, Tom and Lanny.

Your alkali flats should be checked out for nuggets if there is a gold mining area somewhere close by in the hills at a higher elevation than the flats themselves.

The next problem could be the depth of sediment on your flats. Our salt lakes are mostly sitting on weathered bedrock, with only a thin layer of clay holding the nuggets. Quite often there are outcropping quartz reefs on our lakes, which make very attractive targets for nugget hunting.

Elevation is the key factor here. The lakes are the lowest point in the immediate area, therefore any gold that has been washed down from nearby hills is likely to concentrate on the lake beds and precipitate in nugget form from the saline solution.

WA is certainly Geologically ancient, but the main lake action only occured here about 65 million years ago when the climate was tropical. The lakes were actually huge palaeorivers draining a vast area of gold bearing country.

There has to be somewhere else in the world where conditions were similar 65 million years ago.


Chris Hake.

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