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Chirs in Kal. and rest of gang, want to try something weird?
September 15, 1999 at 01:17:41

As we have heard, Chris has been having a rough time in the gold fields in OZ. They just are not giving up the yellow metal in quantities sufficiently abundant to keep Chris smiling.

Well, I'd like to try an experiment. Some weird paranomal stuff. I can't say I believe in it, but I can't say thay I don't. Especially when 22 years ago I ran into this psychic , and her and I together solved a 2 1/2 year old murder. She told me who it was and I got a confession. He's doing 70 years now. We got a big newspaper write up on that one. She gave me the creeps though!

Anyway I propose that the next time Chris is going out to the bush he let's us know when he is going, then we all agree to pick a time, adjusted for Australian time, to spend about 5 minutes in deep constipation, um, er, I'm sorry I meant concentration, and meditation visualizing a patch of gold nuggets in Australia where Chris is hunting.

I think we can get him going again if we pool our collective psychic energy. I do believe there is a universal knowledge and that we mere mortals do have super human abilities if we only knew how to use them and tap into that power.

You know that thing in the bible about, "If you had faith but the size of a watermelon seed you could move a mountain." (Hold it, that was s mustard seed I think!) I don't think that was symbolic. I think it means exactly what it says.

We all need to visualize the place where Chris is going to hunt and then will that nugget patch with an abundance of gold to be there.

So Chris, let us know when you are going out next so we can get this gold magic mo jo working. Hey, with the way things have been going for you it can't hurt, and who knows, it might help. I mean we are the same bunch of people who look at catalogs with bent metal rods that are supposed to dowse gold aren't we?

Well, I'd like to write more but I have to get back to listening to Art Bell on the radio. He's talking about remote viewing tonight and I want to see if I can learn enough about how to do it to remote view Pamela Anderson getting ready for bed.

You be careful out there!


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