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Need some Mojave nugget shooting advice
September 20, 1999 at 21:58:05

Hi there, my name is Chris and I need some advice as I'm very frustrated.I live in So.Cal and have a V/Sat with the normal and Sierra Goldmax loops.I have been out to the Mojave El Paso range (Gohler, Iron, Benson, Last Chance, etc.) quite a number of times now but have never found any gold, just lots of tiny pieces of birdshot, etc.really, really frustrating.I had read Larry Sallee's books several times over, Jim Straight's books, Peter Hyiedelars's and others.I followed these guys tips to the tee and would sit in my tent at night pouring over all these books wondering what I was doing wrong.I just could not get my coil over anything other than birshot, trash, and my test nuggets.Darn!Well last summer I spent some time at my brothers in Folsom and made a couple trips up to the hydraulic pits above Nevada City and found my first gold ever with a detector.16 pieces all together, small but I was still excited as heck.Finally after two years with the V/Sat I had found my first gold.Woohoo!Well now I'm back and itching do try the desert again now that I have some gold under my belt.The thing is I wonder if in the desert I'm swinging in the right types of spots.In the Sierras I recognized some of the types of areas to swing from Larry's Video, but in the desert I dont have much to go on except the black and white photos from a couple books and ofcourse what I've read.I really need some advice on where to look out there.So far I had checked drywasher tailing piles and the immediate area around them, around the edges of those vertical mine shafts, followed alot of little washes detecting in the wash itself where it looked like soil on bedrock, and also along their sides.Its also hard to know if I'm jumping any claims since alot of discovery monuments look abandoned and often times seem to cross each other.I dont want to be a claim jumper.Ofcourse claims like the Redchispa and PCSC are easy to see and stay out of.Since I go in the middle of the week there is never anybody to watch an

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Posted By: - - September 20, 1999 at 21:58:05