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Now for some good news!!
September 28, 1999 at 17:33:25

1) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service was sued for denying a permit, through the Endangered Species Act, to a realty company. The judge ruled, "The evidence is overwhelming that FWS never intended to grant the plaintiff's application ... and for some inexplicable reason has intentionally delayed ruling on them. To force the plaintiffs into economic damage by intentionally delaying a ruling ... is simply wrong." They fork out 60 million of our tax dollars and there is no appeal. They lost big time and it shows that litigation works for us as well as the greens. 2) H.R. 701, the multi billion dollar trust fund bill has hit a snag. (Thanks to all that called, wrote letters and e-mailed.) Don Young, Rep. Alaska, pulled the bill himself at the last minute saying he had problems with the government buying up too much land! Way to go Don! The feds would have owned Alaska within 10 years if his bill had gone through. The Senate version of the same bill is even in worse shape. WE are winning big time! See there is hope if we stick together and fight for what's right! 3) Two pieces of legislation has been filed to curb the wrongs of the Endangered Species Act. Tell you more later but this looks really good. Litigation has forced this action also. 4) Now for the important stuff! Vice Perpetrator Al Gore tried to re-invent government by making his own laws! On 2-14-98, he announced a new plan to manage the nations watersheds, not bodies of water but the watersheds. This takes in an enormous amount of land, public and private, mostly private. There was no advanced notice and no public input, bang it was there! It was called CWAP (Clean Water Action Plan). He ordered each state to take inventory of each watershed and ID those that were impaired under something called "Unified Watershed Assessment." No actual authority for it but called authority from the Clean Water Act. The states were allowed only 90 days to complete the survey or face penalties for non-compliance. Wyoming rebelled. The CWA requires reports on water quality and not watersheds. When Wyoming only reported water bodies the EPA with held $900K for on the ground stream restoration projects as punishment. The CWAP expands the authority of the EPA, BLM and US Forest Service. It calls for the closure of 20K miles of public roads, 2 million miles of mostly private land are to be acquired for conservation buffers along streams, corridors ranging from a few feet to miles wide for wild animal use, calls for restoration of 25K miles of stream corridors on public lands and it is clear livestock grazing will be prohibited, and add 100K acres of wetland a year through the year 2005 to the feds! How's that for a giant meatball? Wyoming filed a lawsuit on June 23, 99 calling for an injunction against further implementation of the CWAP and many orginizations have listed on with them, including me! If your state hasn't done so bug your state legislators and governor until they do. We have them on the run and we can make this a real field goal! Stan

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