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Re: GOD never closes a door without opening a window...
October 08, 1999 at 12:56:01
In Reply to: All of God's gold isn't in the ground.
posted by JR Atnip on October 08, 1999 at 09:17:55

Hello JR,

With faith in GOD anything can be achieved. I can still remember one time when I was down, and became further away from THE WORD than I should have been. I remember a stranger, someone that I never met before, telling me that "GOD never shut a door without opening a window." I believe the Holy Ghost was talking through this stranger. The message still to this day is very powerful. I'm sure everyone has seen the passage called "Footsteps." Now this is a very powerful message from GOD. It is about a man walking on the beach and always seen two sets of footprints behind him in the sand. One print was his and the other was GOD's. Although the man couldn't understand when he was down and depressed, there was only one set of footprints. He would ask GOD why he would never be there when he needed him the most. The man found out that the one set of prints were GOD's, he was carrying the man all those times when he needed GOD the most. Many of these passages are out there to let us know that GOD is always with us regardless of the outcome. Many times people blame GOD for sickness and death, but as humans we can't understand the "Big Picture." All of our questions will be answered in Heaven. By having a excellent understanding of Stuctural and Planetary Geology, there is no place like this Miracle Planet Earth. Futhermore, if there is no place like Earth, and Earth is nothing like Heaven, then can you imagine what GOD has for you. I hope that I opened some eyes and maybe some hearts, all I can do is plant some seeds and hope they grow.

God Bless,


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