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Did You Hear This one?
October 18, 1999 at 20:25:45

This Billionaire found out he was terminally ill.He asked God if he could bring his money with him to heaven when he died and God said absolutely NO!Well this guy kept persisting until God finally gave in and told him he could bring one suit case full of one item of his choice. Well he died and showed up at the Pearly Gates.He was really happy he had finally made it !It was his turn to check in and St. peter tells him he's not allowed to bring in the suit case with him. The Billionaire explains he has a special arrangement with God and he gave him permission.St. Peter goes & checks with God & comes back. He says I'll have to inspect your suit case before you can bring it in. The Billionaire proudly opens up his suit case & shows St.Peter .It was plum full of Gold. St. Peter looks at him sorta puzzled like and says to the Billionaire. Why in the heck would you want to bring some more pavement up here? I couldn't resist sharing this one w/ you guys!! Later,Taylor from Mt.

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Posted By: - - October 18, 1999 at 20:25:45