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No one cares about "GOLD TALK!"
October 30, 1999 at 09:30:08
In Reply to: Everyone has an OPINION , click here to read mine ............
posted by AZ4AU (AZ) Mike on October 29, 1999 at 20:18:05

Everyone was clammering about GOLD TALK. Fine, I'm up for that, I'd just as soon see the legal discussions kept on the legal discussions page.

So anyway I spent three hours writing a story, not to mention taking the pictures and designing the web page that tells of my recent two days where I nailed 3/4 ths of an ounce, the largest being over a 1/2 ounce.

I post the link to the story and I get one comment. I don't know if anyone read the story, or they read it and didn't like it, or it got buried under the enormous thread directly above it about some legal issue.

I post another link to an article I wrote on how to make an arm cuff that eliminates arm fatigue. That one took four hours with all the pictures and labeling and giving the exact measurements and assembly instructions. Once again, I don't think anyone even read the bugger.

I've started an egroup called goldstalkers. I'm not trying to distract from this forum but for anyone that wants to talk about gold prospecting, gold prospecting equipment, items for sale, basically anything but lefal issue, please feel free to join and post.

You can also post pictures!!!

Go to

eGroup email addresses:

To Subscribe send a blanck email to

To Post Messages, you can do so directly at the site or if you have pictures you can send an email to the address and send the pictures as an attachment.

To Unsubscribe send an email to

List owner

If your club has an upcoming event there is a place to post that. There is a vault to keep information that may be needed on an ongoing basis, like a weight conversion chart for example.

It's really a pretty neat little operation.

A word of caution, when you go in to the group after you have signed up, modify your subscription to say you only want to read messages posted to the group on the web, otherwise it sends everything posted to your email address.

Let's be careful out there!


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