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October 31, 1999 at 00:33:29

I made it out today up by Bumble Bee to meet up with a friend who is deer hunting up there and he had a spot he wanted to show me that he had found while deer hunting that area in the past , it was a wash that had a wall built by the old timers on one side to divert the water from the mine shaft they had started to dig out next to the wash . I didn't find any Gold but lots of garbage that was left by the old timers, it is a place that will need a little more investigating because there is plenty of Quartz in the dump and they went to all that trouble building that wall for some good reason . Met up with Mr.Rattlesnake on the way down the wash and he didn't like the taste or the hardness of the Minelab coil (Doc can you do anything about that) . I made a trip up the road to a spot that keeps producing them ugly nuggets for me but it only seems to give up 1 per trip I got 1 last Wed. and 1 this afternoon and I don't have a clue where the source is because they all seem to be close to dropping off into the main wash and 70-80' uphill from that is the top of the hill, it could be flood Gold but I have checked the other side of the wash upstream and down and no Gold there either. It seems to be confined to a small area and the schist type bedrock is only a couple of inches down , maybe there is a small vein under the surface that I can't see that shed these ugly nuggets and I won't argue with mother nature for putting them there just as long as I keep getting that 1 per trip I will be happy. :)

I will post them ugly little buggers on the photo forum .



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