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Re: The Old Man
November 01, 1999 at 08:34:26
In Reply to: The Old Man
posted by Jim Foley (Alaska) on October 31, 1999 at 21:13:07

I sure did enjoy that, Jim. What river is that the East Fork of? If the 40 mile, I know some of that area, and the high gravel or rock you spoke of could be a tertiary bench. Most of the 40 mile district's gold comes from those old benches, they are really hard to find and follow becasuse the current rivers dont follow the tracks of the tertiary rivers. There is one bench near Chicken that is 2000 feet above the current river! As for uranium, it appears in old placer gravels too in places like Monument Valley. In fact I know a fellow that mined there in the 50s for uranium, way up on the side of Oljato Mesa, right where John Ford was filming all those cavalry westerns with John Wayne. He told me that petrified trees in the mine would bring 20,000 bucks (1953 dollars) at the refinery; I guess the uranium would really concentrate there due to the chemical setup of the wood and its rotting and replacement. Anyway, good story, and keep on hunting for those clues...

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