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Re: Is this a fair ask ??
November 03, 1999 at 06:09:04
In Reply to: Re: Is this a fair ask ??
posted by Kiwi on November 03, 1999 at 04:07:51

Well put points Trevor, but in this case the Company is a known "real estator" who employs a special whizz kid to watch out for ANY ground that becomes vacant and immediately pegs that ground regardless of its mineral potential. Consequently they now have a VAST land holding in W.A. and if all of their ground was granted, they wouldnt know which way to turn next.

We respect all PROPER mineral explorers, whether they are individuals or Companies. But the real estators are just sitting back waiting for someone to take an interest in their ground, and they would just love us serious prospectors to come along and show them where the gold is.

At the fine point of our Mining Act, and yours too I suspect, the applicant for a claim has NIL say in the ground until the claim is granted. While it is pending, the minerals still belong to the people and the holder of a Miners Right can use hand held tools to "fossick" there.

If I was a real estator, I would be absolutely delighted if two legitimate prospectors came to me with the deal I have mentioned above. Our find is so virgin that you really wouldn't believe it, and it would be of great benefit to the Companies shareholders if they knew they had it.


Chris Hake.

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