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Re: Is this a fair ask ??
November 10, 1999 at 19:48:51
In Reply to: Re: Is this a fair ask ??
posted by Chris ( Kalgoorlie ) on November 03, 1999 at 06:09:04

THere a a couple of little things there in your last post. The minerals in WA and all Australian State always belong to the State (or Crown in fact) even when a lease is granted. Companies and individuals "rent" the ground and a granted to right to develop and sell the minerals on behalf of the Crown - that is what royalties and taxes are all about.

Also you are able to prospect on a lease or prospecting licence or exploration licence while it is pending. There may be some wrinkles in this argument if the land is subject to an injunction like in the case of native title or some other conflicting claim. Who is the company? I may have some advice on whether they are approachable or not.(send privately to avoid all sorts of legal crap). If they are a decent lot then I willlet you know.

Like I said before, serious explorers, even if they do peg a lot of ground, want to make a profit either by developing a mine or trading the ground. The deal to do would be to prospect the ground, get the nuggets, call your work gechemical prospecting and see what happens. Nuggets are virtually no good to mining companies, they clog up the works, are too hard to get out of the system and there is not enough of them. They are almost always the result of oxidation and lateritic enrichment. What companies want is bulk, low grade, easy digging stuf that can be put through a million tonne per annum plant.

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