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Ruck-A-Chucky Rapids $1,000,000 Giveaway
November 26, 1999 at 07:30:57

This one is for you Lanny. The RAC(cause it'll kill ya)is on the M.F. American River out of Auburn Calif..A friend went mining there in 1985 and he and the boys found some really good gold-lbs. to be exact! But with 12-18' of overburden the spot was abandoned,also the river comes up 5-8' washing you outta your paystreak daily and freezing your butt off as Oxbow damn upstream is where the daily deluge comes from. I sold my factory and store in Orange County and moved to Auburn to play for a few years and finish raising my son(single Pop) where he could get an education in the 3-R's and not street crime. I worked Drivers Flats,downstream for a few months but vandalism was driving me crazy(love them GD rafters). So I mosed on up to the RC"s and took to mining a 1/2 mile up from the roads end. Did pretty well-almost got killed a couple of times-analrexic x-buddie broke my GD neck so ended that season on a low note!! I had plenty of time to heal from injuries so went down to the flats camp and took my crazy ass dowsing rods(here comes the email-yes I'm crazy-but read on) I got such strong readings above the old 49'er crossing(pillons in the river)that I got some buddies to investigate with me. Monster boulder!!20+' overburden but more gold that MIDAS!!! An X business partner wanted to construck a PC facility in Redding so my neck busted I decided to throw in a ton of cash and move onto something new again. Anyhow some nice folks were met in Redding and they were absolutely starving to death mining the Sacramento so I told three of them to meet me at the factory on a saturday and I'd turn them onto the meanest , richest, nastinest mound of gold they ever seen in there lives. Ray,Roy,and Joe showed up -I put the ol x marks the spot on the map-and told them who-what-where-and how!! Ifn' your man enough there it is-get it yourself. I had a multi million dollar complex to engineer,permit and run and didn't have time to play anymore. Well the next week all three went down-threw in a dredge and cried all the way home-TOO COLD-BLACK AS NIGHT-ROCKS TOO BIG-SNIVEL AND WHINE-EXCEPT RAY!!!!!!!! He went for it and story continues. Ray and company became campground host for a couple of years and moved 100'000 of yars of gravel and using up to 5 massive winches,airbags,comealongs,you name it they used it. The years went by with the same old fashioned maladies. Squished fingers,wife ripped off the stash and boogied with another,drunken son murdered selling gold in bars,Reno and the whorehouses gobbled up ten of thousands of dollars. But the gold kept a coming up to 2 1/2 lb. nuggets. Boulders were moved the size of greyhound busses. Years and years of the most amazing rough , beautiful, monster nuggets I'd ever seen. And the booze flowed,the equipment broke, neglect caught up-and finally many years later the paystreak played out. Just as in the olden days-The gambling halls,liquor,whores and the shopkeepers got almost all. THEN in steps the IRS with a drill and gets the rest out of the safe deposit box in Auburn!!! POUNDS MAN!!! Now ain't that a peach-Honest to god 100% true-There ya go Lanny-thanx for your tales too!!-John-HOSER-Oates

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