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Re: Question for Jim in 29
November 29, 1999 at 12:58:36
In Reply to: Question for Jim in 29
posted by Paul in Calif on November 29, 1999 at 08:11:29


First of all I like to say congrats on finding the gold. 2nd the Dale District is lousy with Iron, black sand, Magnetite and Hematite. Black Sand stringers so thick nothing could get through them.

Now, I'm not familiar with the GTI-2500, looking at Garrett's page I'm assuming the 2500 is an upgraded version of the 2000. If it is, then these are what I call a general-purpose detectors, basically built for coin hunting but with added features to hunt in other modes, i.e. prospecting. They will work reasonably well if the ground does not have too much interference. In a prospecting mode these machines are nearly impossible to ground balance in areas as extreme as the Dale. Remember, the machine is a general-purpose detector, if you want to specialize you need to go to a machine specifically designed for that purpose. There are several good detectors out there that are built just for gold hunting.

Most folks that I know who detect in the Dale District, use Fisher Gold Bug-2 and Whites Goldmaster series (V-stat and above) don't know of anyone who uses the Garrett Gold Stinger. The Minelabs are gaining in popularity also, although they're a little rich for my budget. There are others that do just as well, so folks don't get in a bunch if I didn't mention yours.

Paul, I recommend if you want to hunt gold in the Dale District or anywhere for that matter, is get a gold hunting machine. If you live in this area contact Jim's Metal Detectors in Landers Ca, he'll cut you a good deal and spend time teaching you to use it. Hope this helps, maybe some others out there have ideas.

Jim in 29

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