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Re: Marshal Law in Australia???
December 01, 1999 at 12:18:07
In Reply to: Re: Marshal Law in Australia???
posted by Chris (Kalgoorlie) on November 30, 1999 at 16:39:28

Hi Chris: I don't think so! I don't smoke the stuff. There's alot of things happening over here. Alot points to the possibility of Marshal Law, and rights are lost here everyday. Who started that rumor about Australia God only knows? There appears to be a big push to envoke the one world order. The UN is pushing to disarm people everywhere. but I doubt folks will give up thier guns here in the US. To much history that points to genecide occuring right after people were disarmed. Few Americans will give up thier arms for anyone, the government, the UN or for anyone or reason. We here were surprised you guys allowed it to happen there.

I think Chris folks are concerned about people every where. Because people are essentually the same everywhere, hopefully someday people everywhere will be the ones to ban together deciding what our planet will be like minus political government BS.

Governments make people look bad. But that does not change the fact people are for the most part alike and good everywhere.

Rumors spread for many reasons! I read alot, but believe very little on face value and try to wade through it to get to the truth. The bright side is we are concerned about our Australian Brothers and sisters, atleast I am. As it should be, and the reason I asked and posted trying to get the real info from folks in Australia.

Best to you all, Walt

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