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Re: Just curious, John
December 07, 1999 at 06:00:55
In Reply to: Just curious, John
posted by Zooka on December 06, 1999 at 09:00:56

Zooka- Bet your life I have!!! But I keep my mouth shut-stuff my own wallet!! I do not force my opinion on anyone-except when forced to. Political activest?? Damn Right!! I have run,managed,financed,editored every organization in this lousy state!!! NON PROFIT ONLY-put a penny in your pocket and I'm outta there. Founding board mamber Miners Alliance(still board) Miners Ad-Hoc Member on board to fish and game regs.,Western Mining council for 15 years(I dumped) CMA,O.C. 49ers,SMPA-x-prex-vp-editor 10 years(I dumped)Motherlode miners,Foresthill Miners,. I have been on almost every board and committee organized by Forest service(New Handbook)Trinity river restoration(Miners primer to survival in a shrinking world) The forest service committe rulemaking for 17 years!! Been to washington half a dozen times,small miners co-op mediation team for interlocking agency arbitration for the northern 6 counties(DFG,FG,BLM,ARMY COrp-etc) I beat the army corp to death over permits in calif. My study went to floor of congress and killed stupid permits!! My store and factory contributed $10k annualy for political activities and support. I have picketed FG in direct violation of state laws. I have dredged with fish and game and forest service,cleaned up filthy miners mess on the rivers. This ain't 1% of what I've done son!!!I do not prostelize and pontificate I do!!! I work from within and without. Why is it that every last stinking burnt out cop has to spend his retirement years tearing apart the society that he so proudly served and thanks for his his pension?? I get offers from folks all the time asking for my address for contributions and I refuse cash EVERYTIME!!! By using your $1.00 to fight the bureauratz you equal $100.00 of these penny ante politicos picking wannabes pockets to fuel themselves,just like charities only a small minority goes to the cause-the rest in their stinking pockets!!!This spam scaming of the web world for cash is the most insideous pile of --it I've ever come across!!! If your not part of the answer-your part of the problem fellas- 30 years of history guys-thousands of days,tens of thousands in cash,thousands of lousy hotel rooms,and the worst meals in your life-no I don't do a darn thing. John Oates

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