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Re: Alternatives to Dry Washers
December 08, 1999 at 13:06:36
In Reply to: Alternatives to Dry Washers
posted by GaryG on December 08, 1999 at 09:41:03

A recirculating system in the desert, on any type of scale, just won't work, Gary. Particularly where clay is involved. First off, a large % of water is lost by being soaked up in the tails. If I remember right it's about 15%. That means for every 6 or 7 yards of gravel processed you would need an additional "yard" (27 cubic feet, or approx 700-1,000 lbs) of water. Another reason it won't can imagine, and slimed water carries off fines. If your gold is coarse slime water could work for a while, however. I knew a man out of Mazourka cyn, near Independence, CA, who dozed down to his paystreak in the gulch, scooped out the gravel, ran it through a shaker screen into the back of a 5 yd. dump truck. He then hauled this 1" minus product a few miles to his wash plant. That's why there's still some pretty decent placer in the desert, because it just isn't that easy to work and still make a profit. Hope this helps....RockChuk

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