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Two nuggets in ten minutes--Cabin fever cure for Dave and y'all.
January 16, 2000 at 22:06:11

The summer of '99, that's 1999, found me deep in the boreal forests of North Central British Columbia. The black flies, and the no-seeums, and the mosquitoes were having a bloodsucking, banner year. Before I stepped out of the 4X4, I made sure I had my can of bug dope in hand ready to hose myself down as soon as I stepped from the vehicle. Having super saturated every exposed cm of skin, and my pant cuffs where I had them tucked into my socks, and my shirt cuffs and my shirt collar, and my ear canals, and the hair on the top of my head (I'm not kidding!)--with that pungent northern sauce--I grabbed the 2100 and fired it up. It gave a nice solid hum, so I knew it had survived the arduous sixteen hour trip across several mountain ranges and rugged, unforgiving logging roads (yes, I've been lost on that route before, and have had many, many flat tires, and dodged moose, elk, deer, bear, and wolverine on the road, not to mention fully loaded, out of control logging trucks!). But, I digress again. . .I took the 2100 into a pit that my mining friends had just finished mining. They told us to have at the virgin bedrock (old Tertiary channel--never seen the light of day in tens of thousands of years, never seen a detector either). I eyeballed a likely spot, put the 11inch double d down, made several sweeps, and had a target! I couldn't believe it. I thought it had to be a piece of bucket blade or track or something. But the bedrock was solid after I scraped it off. Passed the coil over it again--a nice low on the sides, peaked in the middle, nugget like sound. Got out the hammer and chisel and carefully chipped around the signal area. Broke out a piece of cemented bedrock about baseball size. Passed it under the coil--signal in the rock. Carefully began tapping the rock to get it to crumble. Golfball sized piece broke free. Checked it--nice signal. Broke it down and out popped a nice nugget that looked like a roosters head--complete with comb and beak! About 5 grams in weight--beautiful. Scanned the area again and abou

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