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Re: Any competition for the 21/2200's yet?
January 18, 2000 at 18:10:37
In Reply to: Any competition for the 21/2200's yet?
posted by Lanny in AB on January 17, 2000 at 12:54:21

Howdy Monseniour Harker, good to see your name back up in bright lights. Most nugget detectorists have vacated this forum and switched across to the Goldstalkers forum or Eric Fosters forum. On the Goldstalkers forum you aren't allowed to mention Minelab or SD's because John Blennert reckons they dont work as well as his Goldmaster. In fact, I think his SD2000 doesnt work at all !.

Unless you ask John B, there isnt a detector available yet to beat the SD2200D with Coiltek coils on HOT ground. In quiet/moderate ground where SD interference is a problem, John B's beloved Goldmasters are probably the best alternative to an SD. Both Whites and Garrett are rumoured to be developing SD beating, or equalling, PI units but we cant hunt nuggets waving a rumour around !. Kinda gets caught up in prickle bushes :-)

Cheers from OZ,

Chris Hake

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