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Re: Headphones?
March 01, 2000 at 18:11:40
In Reply to: Re: Headphones?
posted by Nenad on February 28, 2000 at 03:47:05


I've used the Depthmaster 2001 last year for 5 months in Australia and they are my preferred headphone when I am hunting here. I and my wife both use them on 2200 and 2100. We have not heard the amp hum that Jim refers to, but earlier Depthmaster amps did have a slight hum. Battery life, used 8 hours a day, averaged 8 days.

Very good amplification, wind sealing and comfortable. The cords are fragile and their only weakpoint. Some people have problems and others don't. Depthmaster reports they are working on the cord problem. These are cheaper than the Grey Ghosts plus amp. Most people have different hearing in each ear, and individual volume controls are VERY nice.

Grey Ghosts are good headphones, but in my opinion the sound quality doesn't match the 2001. They require an amplifier, but any headphone used on the 2200 should use an amp. Some folks use the Koss amp but it requires modification, although it is cheaper than the Australian amps. Check Finders web site for Aussie products.

Regards, GaryG

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