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Re: dredge design
April 06, 2000 at 22:58:56
In Reply to: Re: dredge design
posted by RockChuk on April 05, 2000 at 23:23:08

My scientific method was to eyeball an old keene and calculate that they used about a 1" jet in a 3". At first I found some nice stainless tube but it was only 5/16" looked pretty but then I did the math. found the volume of 1" dia and divided by 3 and it came out to 1/2". I use a blue poly layflat hose for my pressure side and after a few weeks the seams would blow out. Is there such a thing as "to much Pressure". No way. If it still happens I will try th 5/8". But there must be a point where there is to much water volume being injected to the tube and you loose carying capacity. Another feature of this dredge is I have beeing using a suction hose that as made for built in vaccums. It is a tight spiral with no ridges and the grooves between the spirals are very shallow. It is opaque but rarely plugs in the hose. With a wrap of electritions tape it is a slip fit into the bell end of the 3" potable water pvc pipe No clamps, no inner sleeve. It just gets sucked into the tube. I can't claim the idea but it does work great. bruce

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