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Re: Nope, they've been found..... and kept quiet!
April 22, 2000 at 05:42:40
In Reply to: Re: Nope, they've been found..... and kept quiet!
posted by Phil(NM) on April 21, 2000 at 16:02:51

Hi Phil:You know you've got a good point there on road access to public land. I'll look into it further. The site has been mined in the last thirty years or so by now deceased prospectors. The land that adjoins has changed hands since those ole timers did their thing there, and passed on, one property being where oe miner lived. In The past rangers have harashed people and have told them to leave that area of the forest, which to me is illegal. Panning and Sluicing is legal as far as I know in all National forests in the east. I'm pretty sure that includes game lands. There are some restrictions on rare trout that are on the extinct list mining there. Some of these streams off limits do not even have water in them in dry spells. That's how stupid environment conservationist can get. Drought, lack of water, low oxygen kills more fish then any mining venture. In certain times of the year you can see stocked fish dying due to low oxygen in the streams in the mountains. Might be wrong here about game lands because laws are getting real screwy. An area for a biosphere and the forest has fallen under UN control, and this might end all our dreams. They6 might hasve me because todate NO ONE has bucked the UN on thier turf being forests turned over to them. Might be just the test we need to reverse what being done in the Big Illegal Give Away! If that's the case I hope I have backing behind me if I do this.

My thoughts are how can the president give away something the federal government does not own, but only has jurisdiction to protect and regulate as a trust to the American people? Something STINKS In Denmark.

Do you go into S. Arizona prospecting much?

On Light Streaming you completely lost me amigo? Feel free to clarify.

Last don't let those bug eyed buggers get ya near area 51.


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