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Re: The Truth Hurts
April 24, 2000 at 07:57:26
In Reply to: Re: The Truth Hurts
posted by russ ford, (AZ) on April 23, 2000 at 19:53:41

Russ, I need to send back 3 SD2200 then, because they won't air test that well. BB huh, this is the first I have ever heard of a SD2100 finding small targets. Oh well I guess the 100's of people I have spoke to about this hasn't learned how to use their yet (including me). :-) I do know that the Minelabs get depth due to being pulse type machines. Nothing magical about this, pulse machines have always been deeper. Just a side note. I tried a Garrett Seahunter II XL on the airtest on a one ounce nugget and found it to be just as deep as a Minelab. The Seahunter is pulse, so that makes sense. It just proves that the depth is controlled by the technology, not the brand. I have always been annoyed by this brand loyalty crap. As far as I am concerned, All the major detectors are equally as good, you just need to decied on features. When I here these depth war crap on the Top of the line machines, it really annoys me. I have found that the GTI2500, CZ7aPro, Explorer, Bandido, Lobo, etc. are all within an inch of each other when using simalar coils and maxing the sensitivity. Many, times I have heard all kinds of claims about machines, but many are just biased test to make a certain machine look good. I still beleive the best metal detector is "one you will use".

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