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Re: Side Scan Sonar

November 28, 2001 at 14:07:31
In Reply to: Re: Side Scan Sonar
posted by Charles, Oak Island, NC on November 28, 2001 at 04:04:14

Well, since your interested I bought an imagenex sportscan. It runs at 300khz, runs on 12VDC and hooks directly to my laptop. I took it out for a test run the other day. I saw some familiar shipwrecks that I know of in my area but I was afraid to get to close. I didn't send the sonar down too deep as my fish finder was on the blitz and I couldn't tell how deep I was; wouldn't want to run into something on my first day. I found it was a pain for the guy holding on to the cable. So I'm going to have to make up some sort of reel system that will do the job without twisting the cable. Also somebody told me that towing the fish near the surface in shallow water behind the motor can cause interferance to the images. I'm thinking of making a boom out to one side of the boat. Only problem I can see with this is that the fish may pull the boat to one side or get messed up in the boats wake. Other than that I waiting for the weather to clear up to take it out again.

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