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Treasure of the Orient for SC Divers ???????

February 04, 2002 at 07:49:58

From the book by Spence "Shipwrecks, Pirates & Privateers" we find something that may interest some of the SC divers.
"The American built ship America, Captain O. Goodwin, of Boston bound to Charleston, South Carolina, from Port L'Orient, France, was cast away on Cape Romain, South Carolina, on December 13,1788. A sloop saved the crew but the vessel and cargo were lost. She was sheathed with cooper in 1783 and was classed E-1 (meaning she could carry dry cargo in safety)by Lloyds when surveyed at Liverpool in 1787. She was described as a regular trader between Liverpool and Boston in Lloyds Register of Shipping. The America was 160 tons and drew 11 feet when loaded. (Note: Port L'Orient is located on the west coast of France and was the trans-shipping port of the French East India Company' It was from Port L'Orient that France shipped the "Treasures" of the Orient. Those treasures would have included porcelains, silks,tea,jewelry,spices,etc."

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