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treasurehunting and forums
November 05, 2000 at 10:02:27
In Reply to: Re: treasurehunt on t.v.
posted by Dennis neal on November 05, 2000 at 08:24:43

Dennis : You have to realize that most of us are a little cynical when T'hunter,s start off mentioning multiple sites from storys, much less asking for funds which all of us are short of, ourselves. In the state of Texas, I thought you had to prove that it was not stolen property, before you and the land owner could have the recovery at what ever the agreed upon split was. I have had those go sour before diging started. Others have had them go bad after diging had compleated. A lot of us have been working at this for over 20 years and more. I doubt if you would find anyone on any of the forums dumb enough to talk or show proof of a sucessfull recovery of large amounts of a treasure cache. Mel showed the entire T'Hunter world what happens when large amounts of cash or gold are found. 28 years of looking and Florida tried to take every bit if it away from him. Then the Feds stepped in to try and take it also. When one has been burnt or watched others who have, it makes one very cynical. If you are looking for people that will talk about the different storys, and I am talking about "real" backburner storys, then the people here have a lot of knowledge to share. If it is on an "active" story that you are looking for help on, and by that I mean one that I am actively running down myself, I would what something in writing or a "personal handshake", before giving away the farm. The thing to remember about the forums is that no one knows you or any thing about you, except what you post. Trust on the Internet will take years of talking with someone for it to come about. Why not, would you trust someone who is just a typed message on a forum? I don't think so. I have made some friends on the forums that I would and do trust,but again it takes years and a lot of Emails to build it. I'm just trying to explain to you why everyone is not more excited about you planned dig, that's all. Step back and look at your posts, the earlier ones, and think not as you wrote them but as if I or Steve or Richard had written them. Would you have been cynical towards us or are you so new to this field that you believe that everyone is dependible and trustworthy in this field? I'll stop for now, Regards and Good Luck, Marc

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Posted By: - - November 05, 2000 at 10:02:27

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