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Lost Adams/Snotahay/ZigZag??????
December 22, 2000 at 21:19:32

If you are still interested in the lost Adams let me know I have been researching it since 1978 ...What I have found id very interesting?? I do agree with others that Dobie had the best book but it is not a research book so remember that ...but he did base his book on writtings from others around 1870-1880...not long after Adams was in the canyon so was still fresh news ...... Besides pictures what will it take to get people to believe it is there.....Pictures were the easy part...the hard part was connecting the dots making it all work out ..time/location/details/landmarks/dates/people...they all have to fit and fit within reason...people have writtin many stories about Adams...placing it any where from southern Az to amost Colorado........ there is one thing I will say about Adams and that is , besides being a fool he did give good clues- sometimes in the wrong order but none theless they are I will say this when a man gives at least 5 main clues and one finds these clues to be true and in finding so has put all the pieces together to create the right picture so all the clues are within reason ...would that interest anyone........or do you prefer to keep reading and looking in the Datils???? Lets chat!


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Posted By: - - December 22, 2000 at 21:19:32

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