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The Treasure Map Collection
February 07, 2001 at 19:16:35

During the process of running Spindle Explorations for the past four years, I have managed to collect copies of almost every treasure map under the sun and have put them all into one book for those of you out there who may be interested. They are as follows:

Map of Slumach's Lost Gold Mine

This map was sent to me a long time ago and is the oldest and one of the most interesting maps in my collection. It contains several locations of gold deposits in the area. One of them being the location of the mother lode itself. How this information was gathered for the map is explained in the cryptic scroll written on the side of the map. Have a look for yourself. Some of the locations on this map match with recorded gold deposits in the area. I have never checked any of these sites.

The Treasure of Lima

When I first received this map and displayed it on the website to see if someone out there could crack the location of the unknown island on the map, as all the details of its location were crossed out. The map is supposed to be the real location of the Treasure of Lima, which is not Cocos Island, as many have believed in the past, but an unknown island located of the coast of Central America. The map does contain details of where the treasure is supposed to be buried. I, myself, have never searched for this treasure.

The Frank Fish Peralta Treasure Map

The real copy of this map is now in the possession of the Superstition Mountains Historical Society. The famous treasure hunter Frank Fish found this map on one of his trips to Mexico. It's believed this is a map to the famous Peralta Mines, which many have searched for, and much has been written about. A sure must for all treasure hunters!

Captain Kidd's Map

This one is the location of an island in the South China Sea where it's believed Captain Kidd's treasure is buried and still waiting to be found.

Shipwrecks located in Belize and Honduras

This is a copy of a map made by a British explorer named Thomas Jeffreys back in 1774. It shows the routes taken back to Spain by the treasure galleons as well as locations of several treasure wrecks along the way. It's a great map for people interested in treasure hunting in this part of the world as well as a great collector's piece for those who just love a good map.

Treasure Locations of Roatan Island, Honduras

This map shows the locations of treasure caches on Roatan Island in Honduras. It's a great map of modern day treasure.

Locations of Jesuit Missions in Guaynopa Canyon in Mexico

A great map for those interested in searching for treasure deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Shown are the locations of Jesuit ruins as well as old mine sites in the area. A must for Mexican treasure hunters. (Also printed in the Treasure Hunter's Insider Number Five)

Map of mine sites in the Sierra Madre by C.E.Herbert 1884

Mapa del Camino de Tayopa

The Map was used by many treasure hunters to try and find the famous lost mine of Tayopa in Mexico. I believe it comes from the famous treasure hunter Frank Dobie.

Ostimuris 1900

A map of the district of Distrito de Sahuaripa Mexico. Shows the location of old ruins as well as old mine sites in Mexico

The Lue Treasure Map

The very famous and very cryptic map to the famous Lue Treasure. If you can crack this map you are truly a genius. This is one of the most fascinating maps in the entire history of treasure lore.

Hope to hear from you soon Daryl Friesen Spindle Explorations

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