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March 15, 2001 at 21:27:54
In Reply to: New Mexico Forts
posted by Steve (NM) on March 15, 2001 at 16:38:16

Arizona does not have as extensive an early Europeon/Anglo history that New Mexico does. Arizona was actually opened up for exploration and settlement big time by the California Column in 1862. Oh, that isn't to say there wasn't those harty and fool hardy souls who took the gamble into mostly uncharted territory just prior to and after the Gadsden Purchase in 1856. Then Arizona Forts were few and far between.

Now using Steve's theory of the W.W.William's account of 1858 as the probable time frame, the number of Forts in the entire state of Arizona were - 3.

Fort Yuma 1849-1885 on Colorado River, California/Arizona border.

Fort Defiance 1851-1861 In the N.E. corner of AZ

Fort Buchanan 1856-1861 South of Tucson, in the Sonoita Valley

Some other early AZ Forts were: Bowie 1862, Grant 1860, Lowell 1860, Mojave 1859. All other AZ Forts came during or after the Civil War, so they would be too late for the William's account. The only Fort of the Three which would be anywhere near the action would be Buchanan, which happens to be 4 miles from my ranch. I have Buchanan's records and believe me, those guys had their hands full close to home without looking for trouble way the hell off in N.M.

IMO, Fort Bliss is not only a good bet, but, the only bet for the William's story.

Sonoita Bob

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