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Re: The LUE
March 29, 2001 at 18:38:14
In Reply to: Re: Rare Book search assistance needed.
posted by Jeff K on March 28, 2001 at 19:52:57

Jeff, I am not talking about Von mueller the man. I haven't a clue about his character? As I understand it, this book Treasurey of the Valley of secrets is about all of the LUE carvings that LUE hunters have turned in to him years ago when he was alive.

I find this fascinating that these LUE folks would actually go out on the land and plant ruse LUE symbols. Since I know the codes solution, I want to learn all about the conspiritors ruses 60 years ago.

Von Mueller published this book of symbols someone told me. Since I have spent so many hours with this code originally, I just want to follow the trail of false smoke that they left when they were alive.

Jeff, this is a no brainer, and it takes no integrity good or bad. Just the published photos and the delima caused by the searchers is all I want to read. I'll leave Von Mueller in peace since he isn't here to say yea or ney.

I do know that Von Mueller didn't have a clue what this LUE meant nor what it applied to. Nor do any of the other LUE participants that sent him information about it.

In that regard, I agree with you Jeff. Anything Von Mueller said about the LUE would not be true. Yet, as far as I know, the only mention of the LUE as secret as he kept it, was on page 110 of his "Treasure Hunters manuel # 7". Richard

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