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Re: How Deep to Dig?
April 08, 2001 at 06:40:02
In Reply to: How Deep to Dig?
posted by Ecominer on April 07, 2001 at 16:20:54

Eco, First, you are wasting your time searching for mule loads of treasure buried by someone under attack from Indians. If even 10% of those stories were true, Spain never got a ounce of metal mined in America. I have documented over 300 of the same or nearly identical stories with settings in almost every state. If you find physical evidence someone has placed a cache in the area of your search, ie., carved symbols, marker rocks, pruned or grafted trees, etc., etc. Then you might have reason to search there. If no clues are found in surrounding area, you are wasting time. The suspected target you have hit may be a vein of mineral rich soil or even a cave or hollow. If a TR detector is tuned to a negative ground balance it will find tunnels. This can be done with almost any detector using standard radio freq. I bet your owner's manual describes how to tune your machine for voids or tunnels. Hope this helps you some.. Just leave the mule load treasures to arm chair hunters who get excited from reading the rehashed stories from the 1930s. Every old THer I've known had a dozen or more of those stories and never did one pan out for them, they all died in the poor house... Cheers, Hillbilly

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