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Re: How Deep to Dig?
September 02, 2001 at 00:43:58
In Reply to: How Deep to Dig?
posted by Ecominer on April 07, 2001 at 16:20:54

Ecominer, From my associates experiance of digging for Spanish buried stuff we went through 25 feet of more or less blowsand to hardpan then another 32 feet of hardpan to 2 hundred pounds worth of yellow metal bars inside a small cave near the foot of a sandstone rock, then digging straight down another 9 feet our digging party broke through into a vault containing between 25 and 32 million in yellow and silver metal. The value of the dig was placed by reports from the New Mexico State Police that had access to the site that was taken over by the Acoma Indians who confiscated most of the treasure. This was a documented site dug by spanish indian slaves and buried during the Pueblos Revolt of the 1760's a few miles south of what is now Grants, New Mexico. Part of this story was published in the TREASURE HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL newsletter by Larry Williams of Rancho Santa fe in California vol.3 issue3. March 1991.

In your case however, it may be unlikely that the miners dug down through the hardpan for that many muleloads.

I would offer two explainations that I have found from experiance for your isolated target.

1.Having raised rabbits as a kid, and knowing that the urine from rabbits is really concentrated, and that they like to urinate in the same spot over and over again. They leave droppings everywhere but they like to urinate in a chosen spot.

2. If a rancher at some time moved cattle around an area he would have a preferred spot to tie up his horse. Now if that horse stood at the same place on several occasions and let go of some urine after eating roughage off differant areas of the range of varying mineral content, then just about any metal detector will go nuts when passed over that dried up mineralized spot.

If you decide to dig I would suggest that you plan on at least taking three other healthy men with you, dig a hole four to five feet wide and seven to eight feet long. We did our digs at night so that we could work when it was cool and didn't have to contend with the little biten no see'um flies and them damn deer flies. As long as the hardpan lasts you should not have to worry about shoring up the sides of the shaft you are going to make. I have been on digs that went down as much as one hundred and twelve feet, to a targeted area made using Infrared Satelite Imaging on the 6th wave length. Once you get down to fifteen feet or so you will understand why you need three strong fellow on top to drag the other guy out of the hole. If this is to be a several day or night dig you should take the care to plant several metal posts and place field fence around the outside of the dig area to keep out young stock that may be in the area. Also you may consider using real cotton canvas buckets with good hemp rope handles attached to a 9\16 to 5\8 rope for pulling the dirt out of the hole as the smaller diameter ropes really hurt the hands after a little while. Long handle shovels work well until you get down to 9 feet then the bucket work starts in. With depth eventually on most digs we went to an anchored iron two inch pipe tri-pod with a snatch block attached to a small pick-up truck with an automatic transmission to raise and lower the buckets and diggers. Well hope this helps you out. -N.G.-

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Posted By: - - September 02, 2001 at 00:43:58

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