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Re: Geophysical Services
September 11, 2001 at 17:40:56
In Reply to: 2 box detectors
posted by Stefan on September 08, 2001 at 15:47:05

Stefan, here is something to think about as you seek an answer to your question.

People will tell you plenty when it comes to Treasure Hunting with a Metal detector. There is a large market and you don't know what they'll do to make a sound decision.

So frankly, your decision may be based upon what the manufacture says about this device. He wants your business, so a host of data is given about his device. The data may be correct on the salesman's testing facility, but not in the field. This statement is particularly true with MFDs historically. This data seems to be similiar to any of the other data from competive machines.

I have an EM-83 which is an expensive very complex geophysical pulse induction piece of equipment. It requires two people to operate it. It will give you data that is feed into a computor. The required software will give you a three dimentional profile of any high conductive anomalies and low conductive anomolies. This information will be important to tunnel hunters such as the passage ways to a vault or mine. And a high conductive small anomaly may well be the cache box one is searching for. This is professional equipment used in the industry to grid conductive ores to mining companies for the last fifty years.

Lack of the proper skills, can effect your success too. Because I really don't know how to operate this equipment very well and I never seem to have a second person around to help me. I was sucked into purchasing another metal detector. I was told that it would detect a beer can at eight feet or so. Under personal testing, I found that this 40 inch loop type of detector would detect a garbage can at about three feet. So I lost some more money in my faith of irresponsible people. This happens in our zeal to find the Treasure that confounds us. But this loss also helps sobor us on the right trail of the proper equipment or service that we need to achieve the success we want.

Stefan, I personally wouldn't consider a metal detector period for the reasons I just stated. However, IF you are certain about this cached gallon of coins, then I would certainly consider a GPR scan service to find it for you. This is expensive.

Also a metal detector is detuned by the electrical magnet rejection field around cached noble metals. Metal detector manufactures won't tell you this. They are just great for finding buried iron and ferris metals, but you an I aren't looking for iron. In this cache invironment once I was using a garrett with a 14 inch loop. It alarmed and I dug around feverishly and I found a small peice of shot gun shot. Can you believe that? I found it because the detector was detuned and all of the magnetic induction was on the surface of the ground, not the depth penetration people expect from this unit in the cached Treasure invironment.

So, the real field of the Treasure Hunter is far different from the lab test conditions. Far different. How many detector users are successful at finding caches? Not many. Ask around and see and have them prove it? And none are found deeper then three feet that have admitted finds. A detector is for coins on the surface. This is why caches are never rarely found with them.

You be the judge here. Your hunt for the proper equipment has just begun. Ask people what has worked successfully for them. And I would ask them to prove what their claims are. The world is full of liars. You want to win, so gather winning information and be very careful what you spend to get it. This is why I suggested a Geophysical scan service.

They are professional. If the gallon of coins is there, they will find it. If it is not there they will not find it as well. Either way you will have your answer. That answer will be Win Or lose. 50 50 isn't bad odds IF you are positive with your research and land study.

It isn't easy to get rich in Teasure Hunting finding caches, that's why people sell equipment rather than shovel gold in their bank vaults. Yet, success can happen with the proper equipment.

Something to think about.

Good Luck Richard

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