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Re: Questions,....
November 26, 2001 at 05:39:01
In Reply to: Questions,....
posted by Andrew on November 23, 2001 at 16:52:13

On number 6). If you do not feel that you can have them behind you with a gun when you find $5 million dollars, then you leave them at home and never talk to them about your 'crazy' hobby. If they can not leave 20-30 mill setting there as you take out $3 mill each, leave them home. Greed is a very nasty beast. It is the primary cause of lost friendships and killings between what many had thought were lifelong friends. I know of one that occured back in the early to mid 60's over a chunk of iron pyrite! They both thought it was gold and one killed the other for it (shot him in the back of the head). The killer went back home to Hawaii and told everyone the other guy had stayed there to continue hunting for the Lost Dutchman. They found the body a couple of weeks later. If they say things like, "Oh, we would have to take it all with us", that is a good indicator to me to let them stay home and cancell the trip if need be. Now as to "how many"? Good question, how many people do you know that 1) you can trust(see above). 2)That will not go 'crazy', with the money and brag about it? The list gets shorter and shorter doesn't it? Good Luck, do all the reseach first, then plan a vaction with the wife and go look as a tourist, before jumping in to deep water. Marc

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