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December 14, 2001 at 21:59:32

Well, I made it from Alaska to California just fine, in my motorhome a few months ago. I stayed in Redding, CA for 3 months---then drove here to Minnesota last week ( 5 days---2,200 miles ). I'll be here for a month then head for Florida---to stay 3 months. On the way to Florida I'll stop in Missouri for a week. After Florida I'm going to New Mexico for 3 months. After that---who knows? I move every 3 months & treasure hunt at each new location. I tell you all this to inform you that I intend to actively search for the treasures I am asking your help on. Any & all help is greatly appreciated !! I thought that just one long post would be better than about ten in a row from me!?!? Here are the treasures I will be going out & looking for: In Missouri: the 2 treasure caches ( 1 silver & 1 gold )near Harrisonville. In Florida: treasures on St. George Island & Dog Island. In New Mexico:(1) Madame Barcelo's (1839?) lost coin shipment--40 miles east of Taos, (2) 17-tons of gold bars cached in N.W. New Mexico ( although I believe this one has been found! ). ALSO: any & all info on THE LUE & KGC treasures---wherever they might be ! If you know where these treasures are, please send them to me . I will gladly pay the postage ! Ha Ha !! I will gladly pay for photocopying & postage for any info you are willing to share. THANK YOU ! The flip-side of this message is that if you are researching a particular treasure & desire some help---I will try to help you. Just let me know by e-mail. You do not have to help me, or send me any info on my requests, in order for me to help you. I am happily retired (at 44 ! ) & have LOTS of time & energy. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !! Floyd Mann FRMPINK@AOL.COM

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