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Well treasure sure is interesting,
December 30, 2001 at 11:40:36

Well, Im back to doing what I enjoy. Researching diff. stories, myths, ect. But ive got a couple of questions:

1) Why are so many people saying that they have solved the Beale Case? Ive read on forums like these, atlest 100+ people who claim to have solved it. Well Im wondering, if you people have solved it, why dont you post pictures of what you have found? And why are you always writing books, supposedly discolosing the info. To me, It sounds like most if not all of these people, have tried, failed and are now trying to make money off of a book. After all, if you did find this treasure worth several million, why would you need to write a book, to make more cash?

2) About Oak Island. I read that supposedly, soon there are going to allow a company to try and excavate the pit. Is there are truth to this? If so, any info about whats going on.

3) Also read about an island near Oak, where there is supposedly a pit, or something like it, which might lead to the Oak Island pit.

So, if you ave ani info about any of this, just post what you know. Thanks,

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