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January 01, 2002 at 11:18:52
In Reply to: Re: Well treasure sure is interesting,
posted by Jimi on January 01, 2002 at 05:08:35

Ok, I like reading about atlantis, and civilizations like that.

Recently, there is supposedly a group working with National Georaphy (the magazine) and has found Atlantis. They say that it is off of Cuba, 2200 feet down. So far, all of this contradicts, everything else. A lot of people believe that Antartica is atlantis, some think its in the "Atlantic Ocean". Or off of Cuba. But after reading a lot about it, to me it seems that its really in Indian Ocean.
Either way, there supposedly sending down things to check it out, and try and prove this site is really atlantis.

Anyone else have an opinion on this, or the topic of Atlantis which they would like to share?

Also, they say that they have found what appears to be over 700 shipwrecks off of Cuba. They think they are shipwrecks, some of which are containing treasure. Im not sure that I believe this one, but only time will tell what they find.

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