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a very sad Superman tale
January 12, 2002 at 05:01:11
In Reply to: Sometimes people can be....
posted by Brian Macdonald on January 12, 2002 at 04:38:05

Sometimes treasure can involve comic books...

On the third ship in my Naval career (USS Shenandoah), I met a man named Daryl, real good guy. He was an avid comic collector, and he told me his own sad tale concerning what he could have had.

One day he was at his grandfather's house. "Got sumpin fer ya," the old man said. Daryl asked what it was. "My old comic book collection. Right up in the attic. It's all your's!" Excitedly, Daryl bounds upstairs to the attic, and sees to his delight several large piles of old comic books. He could sense the value on the spot!

He spies a particular one and gently lifts it up, his eyes bugging out as he reads the unbelievable title: Superman, Number 1. The very first issue of the Man of Steel, in mint condition, in his hands...and worth at least $20,000 by itself. That's more than the rest of them combined! He opens it...

A few minutes later, he comes down the steps crying. "What's wrong?" his grandpa asks.

"Don't you know how much they were worth?" Daryl wails. He stressed the "were" part, as in "past tense", for as he opened that priceless piece of comic art, it crumbled in his hands. Then another comic. Then another. Another. All. All of them were there in the attic, unprotected from the little drips that would leak through the roof after it rained. And it was years and years worth of rain.

"I thought they was just comic books!" Grandpa says.

So, the moral of the story is...keep the comic books and other priceless treasure away from Grandpa!

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