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depth detection
February 19, 2002 at 17:02:34

Hi everybody
that is just to help those who are loosing their faith on metal detecting equipment

I am not a manufacturer of Metal Detectors, neither a seller, but only a Treasure Hunter who used plenty of them during more than 20 years, like a lot of you I beleive.

I bought and have tested on the ground all the two boxes existing (Gemini, White's, Garrett...), in Cocos or elsewhere, the Minelab 2100 with a great coil, British and German Pulse Induction(Pulse Star II...), but I never have been satisfied by their REAL performances in REAL conditions, that means when I put myself a large target (drum or an iron bound chest full of metal) at 2,5 meters underground, and evidently NOT in the air...

Now, THE ONLY ONE which have worked during all my tests is a model of Pulse Induction REVOLUTIONARY made in Mexico, and last but not least, the cheaper in the market of high deep metal detection.

If you don't beleive me, it's your own choice, but if you are not idiot just have a serious look to the manufacturer website and you'll see and know ALL of this equipment.

I think also it's important to tell that, to my knowledge, this manufacturer is also THE ONLY ONE who write in his guarantee that if you can't find with his MD a Coca Cola can (33cl) at 65 cm (more than two feet...) he will refund you immidiately. His website is also one of the best I have never seen from a manufacturer, with pictures of treasures found with his MD, and also with a lot of chapters concerning the technics, stories of treasures, ... and a free newsletter.

Now, I have just to come back another time to my best treasures sites with my new and GREAT and (I'm now sure of that) WORKING METAL DETECTOR.

You can beleive it or not, but I don't earn a single $ to make it known.

If you're seriously interested in Treasure Hunting, I just engage you to have a look. You'll be surprised...
After, it will be your choice


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