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Re: 84 Spanish Monuments Found........
February 24, 2002 at 12:30:02
In Reply to: 84 Spanish Monuments Found........
posted by Prospector on February 23, 2002 at 08:08:57

What you have found are typical trail markers used in going from one location to another. Most of the ones you show I have not seen, in that rarely do you find the sides built up with holes in the center.

You can tell they are trail markers by the pointed rocks on top.

Trail markers alway point to something or away from something. In the area you are in, being as desolate as it is you will probably will always be able to see the next trail marker from the location of the trail makrer you are beside.

You may need an old map of your area, but you will probably find these monuments correspond to an old trail; ie going to a spring, pueblo, Indian village, mountain range, mineralized area, etc. The larger the monument the less chance you are near a mine or treasurer. Large ones are for guiding.

Typically the monuments are built on ridges or near the top of ridges so that when you are in a valley, canyon, arroyo, etc. when you look up you can see the monument against the skyline. Trails were rarely on ridges because you were to visible from great distances putting your life in potential danger.

You are learning to use your eyes. IF you have a GPS you might want to track them on a map to see where they are going.

My thoughts are these are not Spanish, but probably Mexican or Indian. Why? Because they do not have the right design. Looks like a copy cat with a minimal of labor. Besides, Spanish built theirs so they wouldn't fall over if an earthquake came along. The Spanish were very precise and consistant in how they built monuments. Then again, I don't have letters after my name so this must be an unofficial opinion.

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