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Re: Topo map on Cocos
February 28, 2002 at 05:12:41
In Reply to: Re: Topo map on Cocos
posted by al on February 27, 2002 at 17:49:04

Thanks Al:

Last I heard dive trips were allowed on dive boats coming only from Costa Rica, but they are expensive. And I saw somewhere nature hikes were allowed on the island along established trails but only with the approval and supervision of park officers. Don't know how to sign up for the hikes but since I have no money now, it makes no difference.

Thanks again for the topo information.

I've found some old maps of Cocos (of course) but they are not that accurate. I located one map drawn during WW2 when they were thinking of using it as a military base. The map shows all sorts of gun and troop placements and hangers. The hangers were for seaplanes they planed to land at the airport that was to be built in Wafer Bay. I am glad they did not do this.

Other topo maps for Costa Rica cover the country well but since Cocos is such a small area they often do not list it or if they do it is only as a small insert and they show no elevations.

Thanks again, Adios!

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