Geocaching Type TH'ing--Anyone doing this?
March 22, 2002 at 06:08:54

At a recent GPAA show, a cool geologist gave a quickie presentation re: the new GPS phenom called GEOCACHING type treasure hunting.

He mentioned there are websites that deal with this; an examination of search engine came up with many hits.

While it appears that goofy things are hidden in tupperware containers by the progenators of these events, like beanie babies and small toys and doodads, I don't see why gold & silver TH'ers can't have some fun with the concept and more substantial "finds."

However, that being said, this new trend in geocaching using both a metal detector AND pre-posted GPS longs and lats may make for some interesting treasure hunting "finds" in future generations, yes?

Have fun y'all. Spring has finally arrived in the desert, and it's only March 22!

Megan Rose, AUthor
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