Beale Treasure mystery - cipher #2 message - DECIPHERED
March 28, 2002 at 07:55:12

The cipher #2 message is de-ciphered like this:

Looking at the 1st paragraph, notice the use of the numbers 4(four miles)& 6(six feet)... this is your guide to get started.
What it refers to is this: It has long been thought that William Shakespeare had something to do with the translation & writing of the King James Bible from the Greek text. But has never really been proven.
Going to Psalm 46 and counting forward 46 words... you come to the word: shake
Going to the end of the Psalm 46... skipping the word 'Selah'... and counting backward 46 words... you come to the word: spear
This gives you: shake + spear = shakespear
It is believed that, at the time of the translation & writing of the 46th Psalm... Shakespeare would have been 46 years old.

The next thing to learn, is that, in the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, Psalm '118' has '176' verses. In the King James Bible, Psalm '119' also has '176' verses.
This is where you find that: '1 18' & '1 19'... come together to create the date: 1819

You now go to the "Declaration of Independence" and apply both of these ideas in the following manner:
In the Dec. of Ind., count in-ward for '176' words... to the word: likely(#176)
Then, counting back-ward for '176' words... you come to the word: denounces(#1146)
With the word 'likely'... count 3 letters in & 3 letters across, to get: 'kel'
With the word 'denounces'... count 3 letters in & 3 letters across, to get: 'nou'
Take the 'kel' and in Latin, change the 'KeL' to...'DeC'
Take the 'nou' and in Old English style, change the 'NoU' to 'NoV'
You now have the months of 'Nov' & 'Dec'... as mentioned in the cipher #2 message.

Now, take the two numerical positions of '176' & '1146'
In the number '176' the middle number '7' as '07'
In the number '1146'...the two middle numbers '14' stay as they are.
At the end of the third paragraph in the cipher #2 message, the number '13' is given.
Place a '13' in front of the '07' to get: 1307
Place a '13' in front of the '14' to get: 1314
By looking at the '1307' & '1314' as dates in history, you find that '1307 & 1314' are the years that it took the Italian poet Dante Alighieri to write "The Divine Comedy."

Going back into the Beale letters, notice where they mention several times that 'it was necessary for them to find someone to "carry" out their wishes in regard to the distribution of the respective shares.'
What this is a reference to is: Henry F. CARY(carry), English clergyman, translator and author. Best known for his translations into English blank verse of Dante's "Inferno(1805), Purgatorio and Paradiso(both in 1812); with the complete form in 1814.

The final part of this section of the cipher #2 message is this: take the '6' from the end of the 176... and the '6' from the end of the 1146... and put them together as: '66'... and on page #66, you will find this:
"A company, with whom I may not sort,
Approaches. I commend my TREASURE(in Italics)to thee,
Wherein I yet survive; my sole request."

In the third paragraph of the cipher #2 message is:
"and twelve hundred and eighty eight of silver;"
This is a reference to:
Serial Volume 1288 - United States Government,
Executive Documents of the House of Representatives,
Second Session of the Thirty-ninth Congress, 1866-67,
Government Printing Office 1867
The Official Government Investigation into the
Assasination of President Abraham Lincoln

Tre are many other things that the cipher #2 message reveals, but I don't have time to get into right now.


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