Re: Beale Treasure mystery - cipher #2 message - DECIPHERED
March 29, 2002 at 07:25:15
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posted by Jeff K on March 29, 2002 at 00:01:40

NO... you've got the wrong idea. The story and the codes are HOAXES... but the story and the codes were created with "clues" that only someone familiar with the 'correct locality' would understand.
Have you ever been somewhere and "smelled something, or tasted something, or saw something"... "that reminded you 'OF HOME!'"... that absolutely no one else understood. So it is with this mystery. If your not from the correct locality... you just don't realize what your looking at or reading... when you read the whole of the mystery.

Its too involved to get into here... but believe me. The creator of this mystery took some 20 years to put the mystery together and put it into execution... so that it would stand the test of time. And 'NOT ONCE' did he, or the associates who helped him with its creation... EVER LAY CLAIM TO BEING ASSOCIATED WITH ITS CREATION.
Its not the kind of thing that 3 highly educated and literate individuals would do... creating a literary masterpiece... and not saying, at sometime along in their lives, that they were responsible for such a creation... UNLESS, their was a definite and undeniable reason for having created such a mystery... to hide SOMETHING!!!


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