Geocaching Type TH'ing--Reply 2 Don52rb
April 11, 2002 at 09:53:20
In Reply to: Re: Geocaching Type TH'ing--Anyone doing this?
posted by Don on April 11, 2002 at 07:43:00

Hi, Don, while human nature hasn't changed since Garden of Eden, I'm sure there will always be a bipodal skunk who will ruin a fun hunt for others.

As far as your last question is concerned, I just learned about this hobby a month ago at a GPAA show in Salem OR, when mentioned by a presenter holding a seminar on ways to use a G.P.S. hand-held.

He just stated that he had come in from Alaska for the weekend show, and before he left the hotel that morning, he had checked online for potential geocaching open hunts around Salem OR and saw a couple he and his wife were going to go check out before he left the area.

I'm learning about this, and appreciate your input. Stinkers before me is something I hadn't thought about. I guess I don't spend much time thinking about greedy, disruptive ways.

Megan Rose, AUthor


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