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June 27, 2002 at 06:46:40
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posted by Joe Wolfe on June 17, 2002 at 05:06:33

Each cache is approached differently, depending upon the type, location, etc. There a number of questions to ask, when hearing a story. Did the event or person really exist? Where did the money come from? Etc. A good example is: Someone tells you about a relative that lived on a farm and had buried $50,000 in gold and died suddenly without leaving directions to the cache.... Fist, check local records (County hall of records, census, etc) and see that persons name is real and if they really owned and paid taxes on that property. Then figure out where thay got so much money. Remember farmers or local businessmen in the old days just didn't have that much money, unless they were involved with some illegal activity OR sold a large piece of land, herd of cattle, etc. Such sales will have been recorded in the county notary books. IF all this turns out positive, then find out everything you can about the person, their daily activities, etc. You'll soon start to build a "profile" on the person and perhaps a clue to where they may have hidden the gold. Now what type of equipment? If possible, learn what type of container it was buried in, that will make a big difference what type of equipment to use. Example, if it was buried in a ferrous type container, you might be better off using a Magnetometer or Gradiometer. If in ceramic "crock", then a two box is my favorite, but a detector with a 12" or larger coil may do. If it's supposed to be in an underground cavity, old well, etc, then a ground penetrating radar, Wadi unit or Terrameter may be best. There are many directions a cache search may lead and this has been a VERY short bit of advice, but each cache is different and there is a lot to learn about cache hunting some can only be learned by experience. Someone before me advised to do a lot of research and they are 100% correct. Any serious hunter will ask a lot of questions and spend the majority of their cache hunting time doing research, before getting the detector out. I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck


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