A Research Tale: PART III
July 03, 2002 at 18:46:25

If you read the other two posts, I'm looking for an old ferry site. (Note: This is not a "Treasure Recovered" story;this is a research story) So, if you're bored with this, read no further. OK, onward. With four different locations from four historical sources, which were local history books, by the way, what do I do now? I thought OK, I'll try to find the site by driving down every road until I can get close to the river, then search along the banks until I find it. No luck! Every road that was in the area was blocked by gates. Still no idea exactly where the site was located. Now I'm stumped. If I can't access the river, what next? I went back to my 7.5min topo maps and tried to find a place that looked it might be it. Well, you just can't find a specific site on the unless you know exactly where it is. I used aerial photo's, still no luck.
By the way, for those that don't already know, the USGS has
topo & aerial photo's free on the internet. The maps did give me an idea though. I found a public boat ramp to access the river, BUT, it was on the other side of the river! Wouldn't a normal person give up by now?LOL Then I had a thought, I'll buy a canoe and search from the river.
By this time months had gone by from when I started this project. I bought a one man canoe and decided to search along the river. I would not be defeated! If you would like to hear more, find PART IV.


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